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4N1 Knife Sharpener with Glove

4N1 Knife Sharpener with Glove

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4N1 Knife Sharpener with Glove


Believe it or not, a blunt knife is one of the most dangerous items in the kitchen. When the blade is not sharp enough to cut food correctly, it can easily slip out of your control and cut your hand or finger.

The 4N1 Knife Sharpener with Glove is revolutionizing the art of knife sharpening by providing all your sharpening needs in one compact, safe, and easy to use design.

The 4N1 Knife Sharpener has 4 uniquely designed slots each with its own purpose.

Tungsten steel specifically designed to sharpen scissorsTungsten steel for coarse sharpeningDiamond for fine sharpeningCeramic stone for precision sharpening

Easy to use, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the ergonomic handle allows you to comfortably grip the sharpener in a way that works best for you while resting it firmly on the countertop. The cushioned, non-slip pads on the bottom help keep the sharpener in place while you safely restore the blades on your favorite knife and scissors in a matter of seconds!

Gently pull the blade through the sharpener a few times and you can quickly and effectively sharpen the knife.

For added safety, use the enclosed glove to protect your hand while cutting, or to provide extra grip on the handle while sharpening or cutting.


Ergonomic HandleSolid ABS Plastic BodyCushioned, Non-slip BaseSafety Glove IncludedTungsten Steel designed to restore the V-shape cutting edge of metal bladesDiamond Rod sharpens ceramic blades to repair and straighten damaged metalCeramic Rod finely sharpens and polishes to eliminate burrs on a metal blade

SIZE: 9.25×1.8×3 inches


18/0 Stainless SteelZirconia CeramicHigh Hardness EmeryTungsten SteelABSTPRSilicone


Do not use the sharpener on a serrated blade.To avoid damaging the blade, sharpen the knife with a light touch and avoid back and forth motions.The ceramic rods may discolor after use, this is normal.Not dishwasher safe.Store safely out of reach and KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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