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Citronella Candle

Citronella Candle

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1. [Double wick]-This citronella candle is made of pure natural cotton wick and soy wax. The double candle wick burns more evenly and fuller, the scent is covered faster, and the fragrance is lasting. Make the surrounding air better.


2. [Lemongrass scent] Outside with family or friends, I am most afraid of those uninvited guests. Candles made with citronella oil. The burning citronella scented candle will release a natural, pure and fresh scent, which is safe and gentle. This unique plant smell helps them stay away.


3. [Long-lasting burning] Each can of candles is 350 grams / 12.34 ounces; it can burn for 60-75 hours. In order to get the longest burning time, it is recommended to burn for 2-3 hours each time and trim the wick to 5 mm. Avoid producing black smoke.


4. [Oil barrel with handle]-The stylish oil barrel design blends with your outdoor decoration. In order to avoid burns caused by the heat emitted during the burning process, each oil barrel candle has a handle for easy movement and storage. It can also be hung on outdoor hooks to avoid falling. The edge is high, with safety function and windproof function.


5. [Fashionable and practical] The best summer gift. Let citronella candles protect your outdoor activities and make it easier for you to enjoy nature. After burning, the iron bucket can be used as a vase again to decorate the home. very beautiful.

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