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DRS Derma Roller Stamp Skin Care Microneedle Therapy 0.25~3.0 mm

DRS Derma Roller Stamp Skin Care Microneedle Therapy 0.25~3.0 mm

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DRS Derma Roller Stamp Skin Care Therapy us seller 0.25~3.0 mm





Stimulate the collagen production.
Improve elasticity of skin. Skin friendly, safe and faster skin restructuring.   


How to use the titanium roller: A.The roller is moved across the area of skin to be treated in a series of sequential movements.
B.Press firmly but do not overdo this to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.
C.One way of using a roller is to imitate the points of a compass and roll it front, left, right and then backwards. This ensures even coverage without overdoing it.
D.Your skin will feel warm and tight after use and will have a reddish color similar to a case of mild sunburn. This is entirely normal and will ease within 24 hours. You can apply a skin care product to your skin which will help with this.
E.There should be no pain associated with the derma roller but what you will experience is a tickling sensation as you move the roller over your skin.

Packing List: 1xderma roller



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