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Featured Collections

Featured Collections

Handmade Shea Butter Lotion

Essential Oil Blends

Our Shea Butter Lotions contain organic essential oils for added aroma and theraputic benefits for the body and mind.

Order Directly from Sabine Jean
  • Moisturizing Scarf

    Neck Beauty Tool Skin Care SPA Moisturizing Scarf Gel Neck Wrap Neck Whitening

    Skin Care 
  • Facial cleansing Brush

    Gently cleansing, and removing make-up, dirt, and grime from your face skin

    Deep Cleansing 
  • Relaxing Lavender

    Non-stick ceramic, less oily smoke, more safe, use less oil to make delicious food

    Quart Saucepan 
  • Dual purpose brush

    Serves as bath brush and massage brush with a long handle that facilitates its use.

    Massage Brush 
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