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Caution Wet Floor Sign, English & Spanish

Caution Wet Floor Sign, English & Spanish

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A Necessary Precaution for Moments of CautionYou can never be too careful when it comes to safety! Our signs come in a bright, fluorescent yellow with bold lettering and a falling hazard icon for a proper warning that can be seen from long distance. It presents the ""Caution Wet Floor"" message on both sides of the sign, in both English and Spanish. These cautionary signs are 24"" tall, 11.75"" across the front, and are 12"" wide when unfolded. This size is ideal for floors, doorways, and walkways. Fold the sign down and carry it by the handle for ease of portability and storage.These signs forewarn customers, employees, and pedestrians of spills, leaks, snow, and flooded areas to avoid the risk of unfortunate injuries. You'll find our signs are integral to slip and fall liability prevention for offices, restaurants, and businesses. Make sure to place a sign in every direction of the hazardous spot, as well as outside of doors leading to hazards.Why You'll Love It: You'll find our caution signs come in an A-shape, which is desirable over the tall, harder to store cones and falling-prone plastic tent signs. It has great visibility against most walls and the bold, black-lettered message is clear and concise in both English and Spanish. Make sure to place these signs into storage when not in use, as they can become a trip hazard when left out in the open.

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