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Flex Drill Adapter A Handyman's 2Pc Tool

Flex Drill Adapter A Handyman's 2Pc Tool

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Flex Drill Adapter is a handyman's dream come true, even a woman can use the adapter efficiently..

Now he or she can use this to an area where it is hard to reach with a drill. Flex Drill really comes handy when assembling furniture or working in tight corners and spaces. Don't give up your project in frustration thinking it is too hard and impossible to work, get the Flex Drill Adapter and it will ease you thru your project..!   

Fits all Drills powered or Battery operated or hand Drills too. 


  • Stand Bit size adapter.
  • You get 2pcs in this pack just in case you misplace one or your good neighbour borrows it and never returns it back, because he loved it so much.
  • It comes in color : Black.


** Drill not included in this deal.**

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